how to download mod apk in 2021 for free

It is one of the ways developers of the apps make money. It is absolutely not accountable for the original creator of the app, and there are strict copyright laws for it.
A skilled developer can make edits to the components inside an APK document, to include or enable a limited characteristic of the official program and then recompile it. Technically, users can also be tracked down because the websites record data like IP address, Device Platform, Browser used.
So, users do not need to fear, at lease in terms of legal difficulties.
The modded APKs are clearly no official programs. And most of the time, the Modded APKs unlock premium attributes, which can be found in official programs are in-app purchases.
Why are Modded APKs are Illegal to use
But the majority of the laws are for its distributors, not the consumers.
It's known as modded APK and it's shared on many websites. But as it is easier to monitor the source (a site or an account on a sharing website) compared to users.
Having said that, it is not the case with the flow of each Modded APK. It's not much of a serious crime if it is a Modded APK of a free program, just adding attributes fan love and it is not officially offered. However, the amount of downloads is pretty high, so large that it's practically impossible to monitor each user who downloaded a modded APK. Occasionally developers who are a fan of an app can alter a program to please a community.
An Android program is packaged into a file which has an extension called .APK. So, it's called an APK file, which has got all the elements of the program and it may be set up in an Android cellphone.